What is the SpillNot
December 8, 2020 By bcmadmin 0

What is the Spillnot?

It is all in the name: Spillnot

Who doesn’t like products that make your life easier? Who hasn’t been walking with a full cup of tea up the stairs, thinking: “Don’t spill it!”.

If you are a senior, walking with a hot cup of coffee can be dangerous as the content can spill over your hand. You may have a tremor, making it difficult to hold a cup of tea or a glass of water without spilling.

This product is the ultimate solution for you: it combines science and fun. And it works in your everyday life! This gadget is absolutely fascinating to watch in action! You can even swing your drink in a full 360-degree spin.

Since you made it all the way here, you’re probably considering getting a Spillnot. This is great news! This short article is here to help clarify how the Spillnot works, explain how you can benefit from it, and explain its features.

What is the Spillnot?

The Spillnot allows you to carry a full open beverage up and down the stairs, to your bedroom or to the sofa. No longer do you have to worry about spills on your floor, hand or carpet when walking.

The Spillnot is an ingenious gadget that will let you carry open beverages without spilling a drop. The plastic C-shaped plastic drink holder with a rubber non-slip coaster and a loop handle at the top, works as a cup stabiliser when you are walking. When you put a drink on the hanging platform, you can carry it around, without spilling anything.

How does the Spillnot work?

The Spillnot combines the physics of centrifugal force, lateral force and center of gravity. This device will help you in a way you have never imagined before.

The reason why people usually spill drinks while walking is that they apply a lateral force to the cup, which pushes on the liquid and causes the liquid to slosh up and over the side.

The science secret of the Spillnot begins in the flexible loop handle attached at the top of the drink holder. It has no shear strength, meaning that if you apply a lateral force to the handle, everything swings together. The liquid can not move forward and ‘slosh’ up and over the side.

As you are holding the loop handle and walk horizontally, the base and the cup swing it in opposite direction, bouncing the force of the liquid, while gravity holds it inside the container itself.

Even if you move it back and forwards, the handle lets the base rotate and swivel to ensure ‘sloshing’ is always parallel to the base, not allowing spilling to occur.

The features of the Spillnot

The single vertical support carrier, makes it easy to place and remove your drink.

The Spillnot ‘s loop handle is much easier and comfortable to grip than a cup or mug handle.
It is the perfect solution for those with arthritis or a slight tremor in the hand.
The hanging platform is lightweight and easy to clean.

This hand-held hanging tray will help you effortlessly carry many sizes and styles of containers, cups, mugs, glasses or small bowls.
Probably its most rewarding property, is its ability to return confidence in handling drinks.
No more worries about spilling, no more cleaning up spills.

Everybody really loves using the Spillnot!