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Top Helpful Aids for Arthritis in the Hands

Whether you have to tie your shoelaces, spread butter on your sandwich, write a card, turn the key in your front door or sew a button; your hands are an indispensable multi-tool. All actions you perform with your hands can limit your performance when rheumatoid arthritis occurs in the fingers, hands or wrists. We have collected the most useful tips and tools!

With arthritis, the joints are painful and stiff, even the joints of your hands, wrists and fingers. That can make life difficult!

For many people, rheumatoid arthritis in the hands causes poor grip and loss of strength in the hands. Sometimes things slip through your fingers or you have difficulty grasping objects properly. The painful, stiff joints can occur in the fingers, as well as all over the hand and wrist. The pain is persistent and sometimes gets worse.s worse.

Top 11 gadgets for Arthritis

Every condition is different and personal situations differ from each other. The following tips can help you live as pleasantly and independently as possible. Try to stay optimistic; a lot is possible!

  1. Assistance with your pills

Ask your pharmacist for a tablet bottle with special cap to make opening easier. Or you can think of purchasing a tablet crusher & splitter. This multifunctional device will help you crushing tablets into fine powder, split most pills and is used as a storage box as well.

  1. Replace traditional scissors

If you have difficulty manipulating common scissors, the Easi-grip mounted tabletop scissors are a useful tool for you. These adaptive scissors, fixed to a plastic base with non-slip pads, will help you cut with ease It cuts patterns and shapes without the frustration. Just push down on T-handle and the spring will automatically reopen the scissors once the pressure is released, making for a fluid scissor movement that you can repeat quickly and easily.

So convenient!

  1. Dig in the garden again

If you enjoy gardening but have trouble with your hand trowel or hand rake? Swap them with the Easi-Grip versions from Peta that make gardening a breeze. The ergonomic design keeps your wrist in a natural position.



  1. Open bottles and jars

Opening jars is difficult for anyone, but especially for arthritis sufferers as the twisting motion can be very painful. Get yourself a device that helps you with opening bottles and jars. The Twister Jar Opener from Ansa or the Undo-It Jar & Bottle Opener come to the rescue. These ideal kitchen aids twist off even the most stubborn lids in just seconds. They will enable you to open jars, bottles and pots. The Twister Opener is a handheld device while the Undo-It is a V-shaped metal fixed gadget that you screw underneath a shelf or cupboard.

  1. Buckle up

If you have trouble reaching for your seatbelt in the car, we have a clever handle that will help you bring the belt within reach. Just attach the seatbelt hook to the seat belt; it extends out 30cm and makes buckling up a breeze!


  1. Using a food workstation

Try a food workstation to help you with many kitchen tasks. This convenient kitchen tool is specifically designed to assist you with cutting, slicing, chopping, grating. Perfect for an arthritis sufferer!


  1. Use a key turner

A key turner is a device that makes opening or closing a door with a key much easier. You use your whole hand instead of your fingers to turn the key. This arthritis gadget is available in a ‘one key’ or ‘double key’ version.


  1. Pour hot water from a kettle tipper

Use a kettle tipper, a great gadget that holds your kettle in a cradle so you can pour hot water without having to lift the kettle.

  1. Use a tap turner

The tap turner is your new friend. It is a very effective device that makes opening or closing a tap so much easier. The tap turner provides extra leverage while reducing the pressure on your hands and wrists.

  1. Keep your hands warm

Our soft compression arthritis gloves will help relieve hand pain and swelling and improve hand mobility and dexterity. You can wear them all day, whether you are working on the computer or doing household tasks.

  1. Write a card

There are special ergonomic pen and pencil grips that you can slip over a pen that makes writing so much easier for rheumatoid arthritis. These grips provide a comfortable and secure grip for writing or drawing.