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The Button Hook and Zip Puller – Top Dressing Aid For Seniors

Best dressing aid for seniors

While getting older comes with its perks, there is no denying that it comes with its challenges. One of the challenges is that the body no longer is what it used to be.If your mobility has recently been impaired, it is often difficult to imagine how you will be able to perform tasks you were previously able to complete with ease. This might lead to having to ask for help with some of the things you used to be able to do by yourself. Suffering from arthritis or a weakened hand grip can make performing daily actions particularly difficult. One of these daily actions, is getting dressed or undressed. For a lot of elderly, this can be extremely tedious. But it shouldn’t be a constant struggle or the reason you might lose your independence.

The Button Hook and Zip Puller

Arthritis fingers, tremors or loss of dexterity can turn buttoning a shirt or dress or pulling up a zipper into an uncomfortable and frustrating struggle. The Button Hook and Zip Puller is an amazing button hook tool and zipper assistive device in one.

This dressing aid is designed for people of all ages with flexibility and limited mobility issues due to age, injury, pregnancy and arthritis. The Button Hook and Zip Puller is a simple and inexpensive tool that allows users to undress and dress themselves without assistance. This frees them from the dependence of a carer increasing their privacy and dignity.

The Button and Zip puller is suitable for everyday use. It is a practical aid to fasten regular-size buttons. The device serves as both a button hook tool and a zipper pull with the hook and zip puller on each end of a wooden tube. This button helper is especially valuable for one handed dressing. It can be used by passing the hook or wire through the buttonhole and over the button. Pull the button through with a twisting motion. The long wire section is uniquely formed so it can slip around most buttons. Attach the zipper pull to the zipper tab, and simply pull to complete the process of zipping jackets, trousers or coats. This dressing aid can help disabled persons and seniors maintain their independence by making the task of dressing simpler.

The major advantages of the Button Hook and Zip Puller include;

  • Convenient (un)fastening buttons and pulling zippers.
  • Durable
  • Functional and easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Good grip

This button hook assistive device removes the need to have someone help you do or undo your buttons, while the zip puller will help you pull up a zipper with ease.