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The Shoulder Brace Stabiliser by Push Med is a stabilising, lightweight shoulder support strap that relieves the discomfort of shoulder pain. The shoulder support provides immobilisation and fracture treatment after shoulder injury. It can be applied in various configurations to minimise shoulder movement and enhance stability.

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The Shoulder Brace Stabiliser by Push Med works by stabilising the shoulder and collar bone joints to help with a comfortable healing position, which allows the shoulder to recover efficiently.

The shoulder support relieves strain from the neck and shoulders. The Shoulder Brace comes with an additional shoulder strap which stretches across the unaffected shoulder which comfortably supports the hand and wrist providing a fixed position for the lower arm.


The Shoulder Brace Stabiliser by Push Med provides effective immobilisation of the shoulder joint without causing strain on the neck and shoulders. It re-positions the lower and upper arm during the treatment of shoulder injuries.

The brace can position the arm in a neutral position or at a slight adduction, lessening the strain on the shoulder. The position can be easily adjusted by turning the breast band slightly to distribute the weight of the arm on the shoulder strap and chest. The third point of fixation is the wrist band. This ensures fixation in endorotation position. The shoulder brace has a separate band that is slipped around the hand supporting the wrist to prevent it from hanging.

This Shoulder Brace Stabiliser has the benefit of an additional shoulder strap which fits around the unaffected shoulder to support the hand and wrist guaranteeing a fixed position of the lower arm. If only abduction restriction is required, the wrist fixation can be removed. As the brace closes around the body, the neck and shoulder areas remain unstressed. Each fixation point is individually adjustable, for an optimal fit in all circumstances.

The Shoulder Support is made of Sympress, a high-quality comfortable material. The use of microfibres wicks the moisture away and makes the inside feel soft while keeping the skin dry. The Shoulder Brace Stabiliser by Push Med plus is easy to apply and can be machine washed.


  • Ideal for immobilising and support of the shoulder
  • Re-positions the lower and upper arm during rehabilitation of shoulder injuries
  • Fits right or left shoulder
  • Made from breathable fabric to keep skin feeling soft and dry
  • Straps attach with Velcro for smooth adjustment
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Designed and manufactured in Europe

Indications For Use of the Shoulder Brace Stabiliser by Push Med

  • Fracture of the collar bone
  • Partial dislocation or (sub)luxation
  • Post-surgery shoulder joint rehabilitation
  • Soft tissue strains
  • Periarthritis Humeroscapularis (frozen shoulder)
  • Subcapital fracture in humerus


The Shoulder Brace Stabiliser by Push Med comes in 3 sizes, available for the right or the left arm. Measure the chest circumference 5 cm above the level of the elbow and select the correct size from the sizing table below.

Size Measurement of chest circumference in cm
Size 1 55 – 75 cm
Size 2 75 – 105 cm
Size 3 105 – 140 cm


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