NDISNew Arrivals T-100 Wheelchair Passenger Trailer


Australian world’s first: the tandem wheelchair trailer

The Dinkum T-100 Wheelchair Passenger Trailer is a seat for an extra passenger that is affixed to the back of Navigator Folding Electric Wheelchair. The removable ‘T-100 trailer’ will let wheelchair users ride in tandem!

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The Dinkum T-100 Wheelchair Passenger Trailer is an Australian world’s first specifically designed to use with the Navigator Folding Electric Wheelchair!  This wheelchair accessory makes it possible for a co-rider to ride the power wheelchair with you!

Attach your ‘T-100 trailer’ to the wheelchair and turn your The Navigator Power Wheelchair into a tandem wheelchair!

This fun patented piece of mobility equipment provides a cool outdoor activity for you and your loved one!

The T-100 passenger trailer is easy to attach & detach to the Navigator Electric Wheelchair

The innovative T-100 trailer connects in seconds with two spring loaded lock bolts. Just push the bolt to safely lock it into place. It detaches effortlessly by pushing the bolts in, enabling you to use the wheelchair independently once you reached your destination.

The Dinkum trailer has the ability to be put together easily: it folds and disassembles for convenient storage and transport.

Strong & comfortable wheelchair trailer

The trailer provides driving comfort thanks to the footrest and stability and manoeuvrability with minimum effort. The adjustable seat of the Dinkum T-100 trailer can be set to the passenger’s fit. The superior shock suspension offers you a smoother ride.

Our trailer is made from airplane grade aluminium that transforms it into a heavy-duty tandem trailer that can withstand the weight with ease. It supports 85kg.

Who benefits from the Dinkum T-100 passenger trailer and Navigator Folding Electric Wheelchair?

The Navigator Folding Electric Wheelchair accommodates its primary passenger – the elderly person or the individual with the physical disability. The T-100 trailer allows to easily adapt the Navigator: it is destined for the partnerfamily memberfriend or carer that can easily hitch a ride on the back

This wheelchair trailer is an ideal option for seniors on the ‘my aged care’, Auscare packages or people with a disability on the NDIS funding scheme. Fantastic choice for institutional recreation programmes for children or adults with special needs or reduced mobility: cerebral palsy, paralysis, autism patients or those with a vision impairment.

The great advantage is that the co-rider can easily communicate and supervise the wheelchair passenger during the ride.

From the back, the rider has a perfect overview of the road and view on the passenger.

This great power wheelchair accessory allows people to connect socially, stay independent and be involved more in the community.

What better way to enjoy a day out with your power wheelchair if it is equipped with this tandem trailer!

Please take a look at our Navigator Folding Electric Wheelchair.


  • Unique wheelchair trailer/passenger trailer for Navigator Electric Wheelchair
  • Will carry a person at the back of the Navigator
  • Ideal wheelchair trailer for seniors, individuals with disability and carers
  • Allows you to take you loved one, friend or customer out for a ride
  • Helps people to stay socially connected and independent
  • Distnace range of 40km
  • Easy fits at the back of the wheelchair
  • Easily detachable
  • Shock absorption for smooth ride


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