NAVIGATOR – Folding Electric Wheelchair

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New ALL TERRAIN heavy duty power wheelchair: with up to 40 km range!

The Dinkum Navigator is the latest folding electric wheelchair that has landed in Australia. The power wheelchair is ultralight and foldable to easily fit in the boot of your car. The power wheelchair is made of airplane grade aluminium that is lightweight but super strong, making this a perfect heavy duty wheelchair. The two batteries give you a maximal range of 40km!

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Take part in life with your family and friends thanks to the Navigator, a great mobility solution for today’s active world combining design, mobility and portability.

The new Dinkum Navigator Folding Electric Wheelchair, a lightweight power wheelchair, is the ultimate compact and portable mobility aid. The compact dimensions allow you to drive through narrow doorways or in confined spaces. Built on a robust aerospace aluminium frame, you can take on any challenging terrain, kerbs or potholes with ease. This ultimate compact wheelchair will offer you freedom everywhere.


The Navigator folds in seconds

Thanks to its unique design, the folding power wheelchair folds in seconds without any tools. It fits easily in the boot of your car or under a table. Great to take with you on a trip!

Passenger trailer – a world’s first!

It is now possible to attach the companion T-100 trailer – a purpose-built passenger seat with footrest – that you can connect to the wheelchair in seconds and that enables you to take your loved one along the beach front or in a park! Via a controller attachment the driver can passenger can assist in driving. This unique part is a world’s first and has been designed right here in Australia. 

Together the Navigator and the T-100 trailer will carry up to 180kg in weight. That means, a couple around 65-90kg each would be able to go for a nice drive together. Or maybe a carer can choose to take its patient along for a ride: how good is that! The T-100 trailer is easily removed from the wheelchair, enabling to be used as a wheelchair only on location.


Powerful Batteries of the Navigator

The Navigator is equipped with the next generation battery technology that is airplane compliant. It is MSDS certified and comes with a 2 high energy 250 W 10 Ah capacity. They will take you up to 40km on a single charge! The batteries can be easily taken out for charging.


Maintenance free motor and batteries

The Navigator provides a virtually zero maintenance over the life of its batteries without compromising on performance. As the motor and joystick controller are brushless, you won’t need any servicing.

Wheel suspension

To give you a comfortable driving experience the wheels are equipped with good-designed suspensions for superior comfort even on bumpy journeys. The Navigator is also equipped with an anti-pitch technology meaning you won’t tilt back on a slope and that the wheelchair can handle a hill with a gradient up to 10°.


The tyres are made from Polyurethane (PU) and are fitted with 4 attributes for the adverse Aussie terrain:

  • Load Capacity – PU tyres can easily support twice the weight than traditional tyres can support, making polyurethanes ideal for heavy weight-bearing. Maximum load capacity: 180 kg.
  • Suspension – PU offers optimal suspension when driving over rough surfaces. It adds cushioning to give the driver a better and smoother ride.
  • Wear and Abrasion Resistance – PU tyres will last around 4 times longer than rubber tyres. Rubber tyres tend to wear down from road friction over a long distance.
  • All-Round – The benefits of PU tyres make them perfect to resist a multitude of surfaces your Navigator may come across.

These Polyurethane wheels will prove to be all-round, more durable, flexible and pliable tyres.


  • All terrain folding power wheelchair
  • Great manoeuvrability indoors in tight spaces
  • No maintenance: joystick and motor brushless
  • Comfort on rugged terrain
  • Lightweight & strong: built from aerospace aluminium
  • Great driving experience
  • No tilting back on a slope up to 12°
  • With footrest
  • Compact folding, fits easily in the boot of your car
  • Electric wheelchair can carry 180 kg
  • 360° Joystick
  • Complies with airlines and msds data is available
  • Backrest and cushion: machine washable



  • Dimensions: L 91.5cm x W 60cm x H 96 cm
  • Folded: H 78 cm x W 59cm x L 37cm
  • Width of armrests: 48 cm
  • Seat: W 47 x D 44cm
  • Ground clearance: 6.3 cm
  • Net weight without batteries: 23.5kg
  • Weight with batteries: 26.5 kg
  • Speed: 6km/h
  • Weight capacity: 180 kg
  • Turning radius: spins on its own circle
  • Ability to climb a hill: up to 10°
  • Motor: 2 x 250W brushless
  • Battery: 2 x Lithium-ion, 24v 10AH
  • Battery power: 240WH
  • Range of batteries /max. driving distance: 27km
  • Charging time: 6 h
  • Wheel dimensions: front 17.75 cm; rear 30.5cm
  • Brakes: Electromagnetic Regenerative Disc
  • Material frame: Aerospace aluminium allow
  • Warranty on frame: 2 years
  • Warranty on battery: 1 year


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