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The Beauty Comb from Etac is a speciality comb ergonomically designed to minimise strain on neck, shoulders and arms when combing your hair.

Available in two lengths, the lightweight comb is curved to follow the shape of the head. This allows the handle to be held close to the body for maximum comfort and control.

The shorter length (standard) is recommended for users who can reach up to the ear without strain or discomfort. The longer hairbrush (long) is recommended for users who can only reach to the shoulder.

Etac is a Swedish developper of ergonomic offering state-of-the-art products.


  • Ergonomically designed comb
  • Reduce strain on neck, shoulders and arms when combing
  • Handle for limited lifting
  • Two lengths available: standard and long
  • Standard: 30 cm ; long: 37 cm
  • Oval handle with soft-grip and textured surface make it easy to hold and grip
  • Easy to clean





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