Bendable cutlery set will take away the stress of eating

Why use a bendable cutlery set?

Food, eating and mealtimes are important parts of life. When a person grows older, the ability to eat independently may diminish. Mealtimes can become challenging for both the individual and the carer.

There are many reasons why elderly lose their appetite or refuse to eat.

Challenges in eating often begins with reduced mobility in the hand or digestion-specific issues. Or just the sense of taste or smell decreases, making food less appealing.

This is part of normal ageing.

The frustration of not being able to use a spoon, fork or knife can make some seniors not want to eat at all.

When they struggle with an essential daily activity as eating, try this adaptive cutlery called the bendable cutlery set. The fork and spoon and a rocker knife will make their life more confident and help them get joy in eating independently again.

Bendable cutlery set – ergonomic design

The versatile Bendable Cutlery Set has been ergonomically cutlery and eating utensils designed to be angled. It positioned in a number of ways, enabling the user to grip it in unconventional ways.

A flexible section allows the fork and spoon to be bent to any angle to better suit the needs of the user. While the knife uses a rocking motion to help cut food into bite-sized pieces.

Their slightly thicker handles are easier to grip and make them simpler to control and less likely to be released. They are ideal eating aids for those who might have difficulty holding standard cutlery. They can be as one-handed cutlery as well.

Who can benefit from the cutlery?

Firstly, this cutlery set is ideal for people affected by loss of strength or for those with coordination problems. This makes it the perfect cutlery set for anyone who suffers from arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, neurological impairments like dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Secondly, seniors or people with arthritis may struggle to handle cutlery as their grip might be limited or their arms have restricted movement.  They may find it difficult to hold regular cutlery.

Most importantly, those who suffer from dementia often lack the coordination to hold both a knife and fork, particularly in their non-dominant hand. Other conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease will make it hard to spear food with a fork or scoop it up. They can also bring the cutlery to their mouth.

Comfortable grip and fit

The Bendable Cutlery Set large rubber handles are ribbed ensuring they are easy to grip and comfortable to hold. This means that users can go for long periods of time holding the utensils. They can be bent or angled in accordance with the user’s requirements. This is because they can get the exact comfortable fit, depending on their condition.

With each fork, knife and spoon comes a Velcro strap, attached to the utensil, which adds an additional element of security to ensure that the cutlery stays in place.

How does the bendable cutlery work?

The head of the fork and spoon is positioned at an angle to the handle. This will reduce the amount of movement required to bring food up to the mouth.

The rocker knife has a slightly curved blade from stainless steel, so you can use a rocking action to help cut through food rather than a sawing movement, which can be difficult if you lack strength in your hands.

In conclusion, When you become older, eating can than become a challenging and frustrating task.

Sometimes a reduced grip or a lack of coordination makes getting food on to the utensil a struggle. This is limiting the amount of food intake.