Welcome to Arthritese, we are here for you!

“I’m proud that our important work is now continued by bettercaremarket.

In the past 7 years together, we have built this valuable Arthritese service.  I would like to personally thank you for the support you are given Arthritese.  At bettercaremarket you are in good and skilful hands; they genuinely want to make a difference to the lives of people suffering from arthritis. I wish you all the very best, Dinaaz.”


Sale up to 50%

Our selection of Arthritis products is designed to help improve your quality of life and retain independence. From knee braces to bottom wipers, our range of daily living aids has been chosen for their quality and their ease-of-use for those living with Arthritis. 

How can you claim your NDIS allocated funds with Bettercarendis?

There are 3 ways you can register as a NDIS participant and use your allocated funding to purchase products from the bettercaremarket website.

Self-managed: you order with us and pay at checkout and then submit your claim to the NDIA yourself. For this process, you can just order with us online, without completing our Service Agreement. Use the invoice that we have provided as a proof of purchase for the NDIA. Please register and create your bettercaremarket customer account

Plan managed by an agency: you request a quote for the products you would like to order. Either we (or you) can forward this to your plan manager for approval. If appropriate, your plan manager will use the quote to make a claim. Once approved, the payment will be transferred to us. We will then process your order and send it out. 

NDIA managed: you order your products on the bettercaremarket website and checkout using the NDIS Checkout option or you call us to process your funding request. You will have to fill your NDIS details, register and create your bettercaremarket customer account . We will submit the claim on your behalf directly to the NDIA. Once it is approved, we will inform you by email, process the order and send it to you.

How can Bettercarendis help you optimising your NDIS budget and purchasing bettercaremarket products?

Bettercarendis provides a free service to NDIS participants by facilitating NDIS allocated funding authorisation. We will do the work for you at no cost. Just select your needed products on the bettercaremarket website and we will do the rest. On the website we’ve made it easy for you to find NDIS funded products.